Micro Site Optimization
Micro Site Optimization: Getting More Out of Less.

Micro sites are an effective way to market your business online with a website that has a strong domain name. These micro sites are normally created in addition to your main website. They are called micro sites because from our view, they should be focused to a particular topic or niche market.

Micro site design reflects the new brand or a specific product or services for a website which is being promoted. Micro site development is done for brand promotion, advertising an event, or for launching a new campaign.
  • Micro sites are small websites used to target a few targeted keywords
  • Micro sites typically target long tail keywords
  • Micro site projects are volume website projects
  • They target low competition and low search count keywords
  • The website is static in nature with a call-to-action for conversion
  • The websites are hosted across different and unique IP addresses
Process of creating micro sites
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Identifying most suited keywords
  • Registering keyword-rich domains of short listed keywords
  • Writing content for each micro site
  • Optimization of each site as per targeted keyword
  • Tying the sites into the parent site for revenue sharing
  • Setting up reporting systems for progress monitoring
  • Hosting websites on different servers
  • Off page optimization of website (Link Building)
  • Online promotion, Social Media Marketing etc.
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