Database Driven Website Development
The WWW (World Wide Web) is a reliable source of database information with billions of Database Driven websites that are online. Databases provide a great tool for managing large amounts of information, and for managing frequently changing information requiring less staff time. Databases enable the same information to be repurposed for a variety of needs and presentations. Databases can be used in a variety of ways to help engage an audience. Database-driven Web sites can allow users to interact with the data -- they can search and view database information, and more advanced applications allow users to add, delete, and modify the data in appropriate ways

The most important feature of database-driven website is that it allows the Web masters to make changes any time they want - all without having to rely on a database developer or knowing HTML programming in database. Functionality is the main part that turns your database driven website into a powerful business tool. We use to develop the portals in PHP with My-Sql..

Benefits of Database Driven Website:

Easy content management system
Database driven website are very easy to use and edit the content. A well-structured, Database driven websites enable clients to update websites with little or no training.

Future Expandability
Database driven websites are so flexible and are so easy to make the changes in the website layout, design as well in the development end, here only the knowledge is required about the language and database that is used for the development.
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